Keen Eye Academic

Visualize, share and present.

Visualize huge images

Our tools are capable to visualize huge images


High-performance sharing

Create your own Atlas and share it with your peers.

Through our different workflows, you can share your images and annotations with one or X users, who can be able also to annote individually your images. Learn more about our workflows.


Multi Modality

Our products can communicate and be connected to a wide range of modalities; different fluorescent channels, and image formats.


Choose your installation

You can choose to setup our tools in your severs or you can use it online SaaS.


  • Collaborative modules
  • Notification system
  • Traceability
  • User management
  • Muti-users access
  • Annotation review
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Activity tracking
  • Smart zoom & data sharing
  • Adaptative buffering

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